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Horticultural Therapy

The desire for a connection to nature reflects a basic human need and many studies have shown the healing and restorative power of nature in our lives.

Horticultural therapy is the process of connecting people with nature through plants and gardening in ways that are enjoyable and therapeutic. Many of our participants have been gardeners at some point in their lives. The horticultural therapy program at Life Enrichment Center offers them opportunities and freedom to garden again. Our gardens and greenhouses are safe and accessible, so even if someone cannot garden at home our horticultural therapist finds ways to enable them to safely garden while attending Life Enrichment Center. Some of our participants have never gardened, but by learning a new skill they become empowered and their self-esteem grows. Our horticultural therapist creates opportunities for our participants to learn and grow with our garden and nurture a connection to nature that enhances the quality of their lives.